Aletagbor John Oshomare, better known as Tmynor, is a Nigerian record producer, songwriter, artiste, and an instrumentalist




Birth name Aletagbor John Oshomare
Date of birth 17th Dec 1994
Born Edo State, Nigeria
Residence Benin, Edo State, Nigeria
Education Ambrose Alli University, Ekpoma (presently)
Genres Pop, R&B, afropop, hip hop
Occupation(s) Singer, songwriter, record producer, instrumentalist
Years active 2010 - present
Instagram tmynor_keysz

Early life and education

Aletagbor John Oshomare with the stage name Tmynor is the last child of his parents. A music producer, songwriter, artiste, instrumentalist. Born on the 17th of December 1994. He has produced many hit tracks and released one of his hit single titled; SHARING. One of the work he produced that is a major hit is the track titled 'ODO' by Fluxy & 'GO DOWN' by the same artist.
Tmynor is a student of Ambrose Alli University, Ekpoma. currently studying "Political Science", he's currently in 300 level. One of his motto: "Be careful of who you give your energy to..."
Tmynor is a great nusical gurul which finds music as a food of the soul. He has promised to always give his fans the best.

Knowing him very well in one of his interview

INTERVIEWER: Do you want to be a very rich prosperous artist??

TMYNOR: If God says so...all i want is my work to be heard worldwide, That is...people having connection with my kind of music and also the beats and songs which i produce

INTERVIEWER: Are you really impressed with the way Nigeria music is going??

TMYNOR: Yeah, sure. In fact Nigeria artist are wonderful and encouraging but when there is oneness and love for one another, thereby the big ones helping the up coming or little ones to grow, The whole world will hear Nigeria.. not only Nigeria, also africa.

INTERVIEWER: Tmynor, what are your major challenges in the music industry??

TMYNOR: My major challenge has always been finance, but we pray for Gods grace.

One of his great contribution to all in the game of good sounds


KILL DA BEAT was a freestyle competition brought to you by the talented producer "Tmynor", it started on the "1st of Aug 2017" and ended on the "3rd of Sept 2017"
all participants were to record a one minute instagram video freestyle on the a particular beat, upload on Instagram and hashtag the following "#aautrendbase #1stclassgist #aauxclusive #ParticipantkillthebeatCompetition", For votes to be counted, Participants and voters followed tmynor_keysz on instagram tagged "@tmynor_keysz" and hashtagged "#1stclassgist #aautrendbase #aauxclusive".
Submission of videos started on the "1st of August 2017" and competition/voting kicked off on the 7th of August 2017 and ended "3rd of September 2017"
Participants were expected to promote their link for their fans and public to view and like on Instagram and the participant with the highest likes won 60,000 Naira Contract, 20,000 Naira Cash, a free recording of the full song as freestyled in the video/instagram and a free six month air and online promotion, Second runner got one free new track/recording of his/her own choice and two months online Promotion

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Some of his works

Beat 1

Download - Beat 1

Beat 2

Download - Beat 2

Beat 3

Download - Beat 3

Beat 4

Download - Beat 4

Beat 5

Download - Beat 5

"all beats downloaded without the producers consent are otherwise tagged piracy or mix to be on a safer side, contact the producer to see if the beat has already been used by another artiste"

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